Flannel - Buffalo Green
Flannel - Buffalo Green
Flannel - Buffalo Green
Flannel - Buffalo Green
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Flannel - Buffalo Red
Flannel - Buffalo Red
Flannel - Buffalo Red

Beverage Flannel

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Designed with two layers of thermal insulation the Beverage Flannel is perfect for any can or bottle. The beverage flannel jacket keeps your drink's sweat off your hands, and your hand sweat off your drink while you work. Everybody wins.
    The Paul Bunyan of Coozies

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    Customer Reviews

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    Marie (Eau Claire, WI)
    Love the flannel!!

    This is the 3rd puffin cooler I’ve purchased. They are great (the flannel is my fav)! Super sturdy and they fit a variety of can sizes, from skinny white claws, slender coors light, to a full sized can. Insulated and well made. 100% worth it. Plus they are cute as hell.

    Danny S. (Clarksville, TN)
    Conversation piece

    Not only is this well made and the coolest koozie ever, it’s a great conversation piece every time someone new sees it. I love my puffin

    Kori H. (Logan, UT)
    Yep yep yep.

    It’s perfect. Functional and too cute to boot.

    Leah G. (Santa Fe, NM)
    Love this product!

    It is so cute and functional! Thank you!!

    Pamela V. (Wheat Ridge, CO)
    So Cozy

    Love this flannel. Great gift!

    Pam A. (Atchison, KS)
    Great gift

    I bought the flannel for a gift for my grandsons girlfriend. She loved the flannel and so did her friends. The Puffins are a great conversation piece.

    Gretchen M. (Friday Harbor, WA)
    Love this little guy!

    So fun, soft to the touch, and very well made! I love “holding” it’s little arms! We liked it so much we came back and ordered his partner in red plaid. It is very flat on the bottom (good to stand), and has enough clearance at the top to make it easy to drink.

    Luke W. (Grand Rapids, MI)
    Attention grabber

    Everyone found them funny and interesting.. they also do a better than expected job keeping beverages cool.

    Allen G. (Cape May Court House, NJ)
    Drink Jacket

    I got this and a few others so now drinks will keep cold longer, no more water puddles, can tell who’s drink is who’s and now drinks and now drinks can have STYLE!

    Sandee C. (Monmouth, OR)
    Love the buffalo plaid

    I can’t be more pleased with my PUFFIN beverage jacket, koozie, holder, thingy, whatshisname! It keeps my fingers from getting cold and wet. It keeps my beverage cold. It’s very well designed and constructed. What’s better than that? Oh, it’s fun!

    All in
    a days work