Our Story      


With a love of the outdoors and adventure in our hearts we are looking to have #funtogether. We help bring a smile and conversation to any situation. From Rock-climbing to Fishing to Snowboarding there is nothing like getting outdoors with others.

Our Products are designed to keep your drinks cold in the moments that mean the most. With quality and care in our mind every product has been engineered to keep a cool beverage in hand and a smile on your face.

We were founded in 2018 in Bend, Oregon. A few years back Co-Founder Tyrone Hazen was camping with some friends. As conversation continued the idea of a Sleeping Bag for your beer was conceived. A little while later the first prototype was created by Tyrone's Mother. From a campfire idea to now Puffin has always wanted to promote community and family. We were honored to win best gift at AtlantaMart Gift Show this year.